When we founded Orion in 1998, few saw the future for wind and solar. 

Today, renewables are the world's fastest growing, most affordable source of electricity. While our industry has changed dramatically over the last two decades, our commitment to renewable power has not. We believe renewable power is good for landowners, communities, power purchasers and their customers, and the environment. It is the future of American energy. 

Over the past two decades, we’ve built a reputation for integrity while bringing projects to successful completion and creating wins for all stakeholders.  

Land Owners

We partner with landowners to make the most of their ability to earn income from wind and solar while enhancing the value of their land. 
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power purchasers

Utilities and commercial and industrial customers rely on us to deliver clean,  affordable electricity at prices that are independent of fossil fuel price fluctuations or future environmental regulations.  
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Local communities

We're committed to working closely with local communities to expand their economic base and ensure that the benefits of our projects are widely shared. We create jobs, opportunities for local businesses, an increased property tax base, and new sources of income for landowners.
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“For the county, the taxpayers, and the landowners, working with Orion was a win-win-win across the board. They were very sensitive to our community’s needs, and I don’t know there’s a better group to partner with.”
— MIKE BIGGER, former County Board Chairman, Stark County, Illinois