Our Story


In 1998, we started our company based on the belief that renewables would be the future of energy. Back then, most thought that future was still many, many decades away, if it happened at all. But we were determined to accelerate the shift by showing that renewables were ready for prime time as an affordable and reliable power source.

We began with a promise to deal fairly with every stakeholder, to honor and respect the rural communities in which we work, and to create win-wins wherever we go. Next we recruited a talented team of resource specialists, engineers, and developers to identify and develop sites with plentiful but under-utilized wind and solar resources.

Today we're still an independent company with dozens of projects and more than 5,000 megawatts of generation under our belts. That's enough electricity to power more than one million U.S. homes.  Our founding team has been together since the start, earning Orion a reputation as a company that keeps its word and consistently completes the complex projects it undertakes.


Our Team