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Harvesting the wind or sun provides landowners with a reliable and significant source of income to supplement farming or ranching.  Because renewable energy is affected neither by drought nor fluctuations in agricultural commodity prices, landowners who work with us obtain a new source of revenue not tied to their agricultural operations. In the case of wind energy, there is minimal loss of farmland or ranchland.  Farmers grow crops right up to the base of wind turbines, and sheep and cattle graze among and beneath the turbines.

“They left our roads in better condition than they found them. They donated charitably to our community. Orion doesn’t go anywhere they aren’t wanted or needed.” — Mike Bigger, former County Board Chairman, Stark County, Illinois


Power Purchasers

Our end product is clean, cost-effective power delivered to the electricity grid.  In some cases, our projects sell power to utilities or to commercial and industrial customers through power purchase agreements.  In other cases, after we develop a wind or solar project, an electric utility purchases and owns the project, just as they would any other power plant, and uses it to generate power for their customers.

"PGE is committed to meeting our customers' energy needs in an increasingly sustainable way and [Orion’s] Biglow Canyon will help us to do just that."  — Jim Lobdell, PGE VP of Power Operations and Resource Strategy


Local Communities

Renewable power projects have a beneficial impact on the rural communities in which they are located.  Hundreds of jobs are created during a project's construction phase while associated economic activity results in added revenues for local businesses.  In the operations phase, our projects create skilled maintenance jobs, offer sales and contracting opportunities for local businesses, provide a diversified income source to project landowners, and generate significant property tax revenues.  In some cases, a large wind or solar project is the largest taxpayer in a county.

"Wind energy has done something amazing here and Orion was a wonderful partner. They did everything they told us they were going to do." – Tom Howes, Sr. Member Stark County Board